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Commercial Construction Management

PhotoCommon Sense Solutions LLC is capable of providing project and construction management services to include but not be limited to supervising construction, managing project planning, managing build out, and managing all aspects of a project. CSS will generate and maintain project schedules through communication and coordination with the design team, construction team, and the owner. CSS is committed to constant open communication with the owner to insure that their desires for their project are fully recognized and achieved. Our principal staff for project management understands and has firsthand knowledge of design and construction experiences that allow them to visualize and identify cost effective solutions and procedures to create successful projects. Photo

  • CSS project staff has extensive bidding knowledge as a contractor and can assist in the bidding process of a project. Our suggested responses to potential bidding questions often result in generating better competitive bids.
  • CSS will report to the Owner on a regular basis to maintain accountability for project costs, estimated time lines and assist in the review and processing of requests for payment.
  • CSS conducts regular progress meetings to have a transparent flow of information between the entire team to ensure the project is accomplished both on time and on or below budget.
  • CSS will continually review and prepare the project to be accepted by the various Regulatory Agencies.